Independent escort Mina in sexy blue lingerie in front of a panoramic window

A few things to make our time together particularly pleasant.

My preferred contact options are listed in the FAQs .
Calls and voice messages don’t belong to it.
By the way, you won’t achieve anything if you terrorize me over the phone.

Do you want/need to reschedule/cancel our appointment?
Let me know as early as possible.
My time is as valuable as yours.

Please give me my fee at the beginning of our meeting. Don’t embarrass me by making me ask about it. For all Europe-wide bookings of 3 hours or more, this includes overnights, weekends, travel/holiday companions, I require a deposit of 25% + my travel tickets. You can send the deposit as a voucher or as an anonymous transfer via Wishtender.

In order to be the best version of myself during our time together, I need 6-7 hours of undisturbed sleep for all overnight stays and for bookings lasting several days some time for myself.

Good oral and body hygiene invites all kinds of tenderness and intimacy. I pay attention to impeccable hygiene and expect the same from you. Please note that your own preparation and attitude contributes significantly to the quality of our meeting.

Curious to know more?

If you would like to get to know me, send me a nice request via my booking form.

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